CYBER INVESTORS DAYS CYBER INVESTORS DAYS Cybersecurity business matchmaking events

The ECSO cybersecurity business matchmaking event series, known as Cyber Investor Days, has been designed to provide access-to-finance and access-to-market opportunities for European cybersecurity startups and SMEs. The ECSO initiative also provides investment opportunities for investors and integrators, hereby contributing to the consolidation of the still highly fragmented European cybersecurity market.

  • 5/2019, ECSO - ECSO - A Silo Buster for Cybersecurity SMEs (download file)

EUROPEAN OUTLOOK. To reach out to different European cybersecurity ecosystems, each edition of the event is organised in a different European city in close cooperation with the local partner. The ECSO Cyber Investor Days already took place in:

ACHIEVEMENTS. The initiative has been growing in popularity and the industry scene would indicate that this is set to continue throughout the upcoming years. Since its launch in 2017, the ECSO Cyber Investor Days have received more than 550 participants and hosted more than 600 B2B meetings. The number of European cybersecurity startups and SMEs applying to the event has increased by nearly five times: from 11 applications received for the Tallinn edition to 50 applications received for the Luxembourg edition. The event also experienced growing recognition among theEuropean and international investors. More than 240 investors from Europe, The United States, and Japan have participated at the ECSO Cyber Investor Days to date. 3 cybersecurity investment deals by Telefónica (Spain), eCapital entrepreneurial Partners AG (Germany) and ITrust (France) were initiated and successfully closed as a result of the events.

DRIVING FORCE. ECSO Working Group 2 on‘Market Deployment, Investments and International Collaboration’ and ECSO Working Group 4 on ‘Support to SMEs, Coordination with Countries and Regions’coordinate the strategy and implementation of these events.

Key Features of the ECSO Cyber Investor Days

DURATION. 2 day event, featuring:

  • 1stDAY (afternoon) – tailored ECSO WG2 workshop for investors, integrators and CIOs, as well as a separate training session for startups and SMEs organised by ECSO and Partner.
  • 2ndDAY (full day) – investor/integrator introductions and startup/SME pitches, followed by the pre-scheduled B2B meetings.

PARTICIPANTS. The target audience for the event includes:

  • European cybersecurity startups and SMEs – 15-20 startups/SMEs to be selected jointly by ECSO and Partner based on their applications and presentations submitted to the ECSO Selection Committee; 
  • International investors and integrators/CISOs – around 50 corporates and investors to be invited to register their participation and provide information about their investment profile or what kind of technology solutions they are looking for

SELECTION PROCESS. Startups/SMEs applications are reviewed and evaluated by the ECSO Selection Committee. The Committee is made up of the Chairs of the ECSO WG2 and WG4 Chairs, as well as Partner’srepresentatives. ECSO and Partner will commonly provide the application form for the startups, where selection criteria are indicated.

INVESTMENT PERIMETER: The event focuses on the startups and SMEs looking for investors and/or integrators. Regarding the funding stage, the focus is on Series A and growth-stage investment rounds.

B2B MEETINGS. To ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of the event, both selected startups/SMEs and registered investors/integrators are invited to use B2B platform to pre-schedule their meetings in advance.

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