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The European HR Community

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ECSO and Women4Cyber are working together to develop a European HR community to help reduce the workforce gap and speed up the hiring process in the cybersecurity industry.

Mission and Objectives

Concrete actions are needed to reduce the workforce gap, to attract young graduates and professionals to a career in cybersecurity, an retain and train talents, and ensure them career paths, to address the skills shortage both in technical and leadership position and support the digital transition.

As part of its overall mission of contributing to European digital strategic autonomy and to the strengthening of Europe’s cyber resilience, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is developing a European Cyber HR Community. It is intended to be an expert group of HR professionals to help reduce the workforce gap and speed up the hiring process in cybersecurity in Europe.


In partnership with our sister foundation, Women4Cyber, we will also strive for implementation of concrete actions like mentorship, participation into our cybersecurity Academy and development of a European Cybersecurity Job Platform which will help you finding more easily the needed experts.

The ECSO HR Community will organise webinars and training sessions dedicated to HR practitioners on best practices and topics on the HR sector.

To be a member of the European HR Community is:

  • Access a network of HR at the EU level
  • Communicate information on HR matters
  • Echange with HR in a private group chat

For ECSO members :

  • Access a job platform

Initiative Administration

ECSO Nina Olesen Head of Sector
Nina Olesen
ECSO Head of sector
Image of Arnaud.
Arnaud de Vibraye
Junior Manager for Skills & Human Factors

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