ECSO Awards 2024

ECSO announces the 2024 ECSO Awards: its most anticipated event of the year

BRUSSELS, 10 November 2023 – The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is delighted to announce its most anticipated event of the year, the ECSO Award Finals ceremony, co-organised by Bochum Economic Development (Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung), the Women4Cyber Foundation, and Eurobits, in Bochum, Germany on 21-22 March 2024. This year’s awards include the ECSO STARtup Award and the new ECSO CISO Choice Award, showcasing exceptional European cybersecurity companies chosen by expert Judging Panels from across Europe throughout the year. The STARtup Award celebrates promising European cybersecurity start-ups, while the CISO Choice Award acknowledges European innovative cybersecurity solutions. These awards aim to highlight European cybersecurity excellence, promote European products, drive innovation, and boost investments in the European cybersecurity market.

ECSO announces the return of the annual ECSO Award Finals Ceremony. This year, the event will be organised in Bochum, Germany, on 21-22 March 2024 together with co-organisers Bochum Economic Development (Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung), the Women4Cyber Foundation, and Eurobits. The award categories, including the ECSO STARtup Award as well as the new ECSO CISO Choice Award, highlight outstanding European cybersecurity firms that were selected by knowledgeable Judging Panels from all throughout Europe during the course of the past year. The goal of the event is to shine a spotlight on exceptional cybersecurity companies and solutions in Europe, bolster investments in the European cybersecurity market and promote European  products.

For the ECSO STARtup Award category, Europe’s most promising cybersecurity start-ups have been carefully selected through a variety of events held all across the continent, including ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days. The selection has been done by expert jury members within cybersecurity investment, entrepreneurship, and solution experts, alongside CISOs from prominent European companies.

Among the finalists in this category will be some of the most exciting start-ups in Europe, announced at a later date. The STARtup Award will grant these start-ups a unique opportunity to connect with potential investors, significantly enhancing their visibility and networking capabilities on a European level.

In addition to the STARtup Award finalists, amongst other events, the ECSO Cyber Solution Days, which took place throughout 2023 across Europe, have unveiled another exciting addition: the ECSO CISO Choice Award. This most recently launched award by ECSO is dedicated to recognising larger European cybersecurity companies and their innovative solutions. The selected finalists competing for this award have cybersecurity solutions with incredible potential for Europe – stay tuned for their announcement.

“We in ECSO are proud to announce the ECSO STARtup Award and ECSO CISO Choice Award opening. At ECSO, we are delighted to provide European companies with the opportunity to showcase their work and innovations, along with the possibilities to meet with potential investors, buyers and like-minded actors. We are grateful for our German partners for graciously hosting this year’s Award Ceremonies. Together, we stand united in promoting European-made cybersecurity products and innovations, strengthening our market with shared dedication and collaboration. We hope this will be the beginning of a new chapter and new achievements, as well as the creation of sustainable links in the community.”

said ECSO’s Secretary General, Luigi Rebuffi.

“In today’s digital age, cyber threats have become a widespread problem, making the adoption of robust cybersecurity measures imperative. This is where the importance of the ECSO STARtup award comes into play, serving as a beacon of recognition and encouragement for up-and-coming companies. This award not only recognizes exceptional talent and innovation in the field, but also raises the visibility of startups in the cybersecurity space. Bochum, as one of the leading locations for IT security in Europe, provides the perfect stage for hosting such a prestigious event. The vibrant community of a vital city and the diverse talent pool and research infrastructure of the universities create an atmosphere conducive to ground-breaking discoveries. We are delighted and honoured that the ECSO STARtup Award will be presented in Bochum”

 said Rouven Beeck, CEO at Bochum Economic Development.

At the 2024 ECSO Awards final ceremony, the finalists will give their final competing pitches. These pitches will be carefully evaluated and assessed by two separate juries that will select the winning two companies with the most promising solutions. One company from each category will thus have the chance to win a prestigious Award, showcasing their dedication and cutting-edge contributions to the cybersecurity landscape in Europe.

Beyond the competition, the event will provide a unique platform with exceptional networking opportunities, bringing together stakeholders from all corners of the European cybersecurity industry. Attendees can look forward to engaging in insightful panel discussions led by experts, delving into the hottest topics in European cybersecurity at the moment. This event also presents a golden opportunity to forge new connections within the European cybersecurity ecosystem, encompassing everyone from investors and buyers to vendors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. ECSO, Bochum Economic Development, the Women4Cyber Foundation, and Eurobits welcome all European cybersecurity stakeholders and individuals to take part in this transformative gathering that celebrates excellence and drives the cybersecurity industry forward.

In addition to the ECSO Awards, the Women4Cyber Entrepreneurship Award will also be distributed to the contestants in both categories from the Women4Cyber Foundation. This award intends to recognise female leaders within start-up businesses and acknowledge larger companies for their initiatives in encouraging more women to pursue careers in the cybersecurity field in Europe.

All interested parties are encouraged to register for the event. Registrations will open soon – stay tuned in our channels (LinkedIn and X) to be notified.

Please find a PDF version of the Press Release HERE.

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