TIIN Capital launches European Cyber Tech Fund V

ECSO Member TIIN Capital has announced the first closing of its fifth Tech Fund: “European Cyber Tech Fund V”. The fund has a targeted size of €100 million and is strategically positioned to invest in European cybersecurity scale-ups. TIIN Capital – a leading Dutch venture capital firm – is committed to supporting the international growth and expansion of European cybersecurity enterprises.

The European Cyber Tech Fund V has marked its position in Europe with an investment in a rapidly growing Dutch company. The company is specialised in delivering an AI-powered intelligence platform to global governments and organisations for national and economic security.

Since its establishment in 1998, TIIN Capital has transformed significantly, emerging as a prominent investor in European cybersecurity over recent years. A strategic shift occurred in 2018 when the firm redirected its investment focus from ‘general tech’ to ‘cyber tech’ by introducing the Dutch Security TechFund. Expanding its network extensively, TIIN Capital has connected with cybersecurity experts like Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), IT security professionals, corporate entities, government bodies, and highly accomplished entrepreneurs across Europe. This network not only aids in fund management by fostering knowledge exchange, sharing scaling experiences and networks, but also provides advantages to the companies within its portfolio.

TIIN Capital prides itself on its pivotal role as a main investor in scaling up European cybersecurity ventures, collaborating across various European countries in leading or co-leading investment positions with other European investors. Notable successes under its investment strategy include fostering growth in portfolio companies such as Eye Security, EclecticIQ, BreachLock, EGERIE, Probely, Syntho.ai, and Sygno.

For more information, read the press release here.

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