ECSO’s Annual CISO Meetup Commences Today in Florence 

BRUSSELS, 28 November 2023 – The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is pleased to announce the start of the second edition of its awaited Annual CISO Meetup, taking place in beautiful Florence on 28 and 29 November. Over 150 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from 21 European nations are joining the Meetup, which is set to mark an important milestone in collaboration and information-sharing between CISOs in Europe. This flagship event provides Europe’s cybersecurity industry leaders with a relaxed yet strategic setting to meet with fellow peers while also having the opportunity to gather knowledge needed to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Throughout these two days, participants will engage in multiple discussions on some of the most critical cybersecurity topics for Europe today, with a rich programme consisting of real-life case studies, roundtable discussions and keynote presentations. 

Today, ECSO’s Annual CISO Meetup organised in Florence in collaboration the Tuscany Region and with ASSOCISO, the new association made up by Italian CISOs, commences. This event serves as a platform for European CISOs to engage in high-level discussions on critical cybersecurity topics, share real-world case studies, participate in sector-specific roundtable discussions throughout the next two days and discover innovating cybersecurity solutions. As we find ourselves in a historical moment where cyber threats have never been more powerful and intricately engineered, ECSO recognises the necessity for collaboration and information-sharing between CISOs from multiple sectors and industries across European borders. For this reason, this event represents an important phase in the development of a robust digital ecosystem for Europe as ECSO aims at converging cybersecurity expertise to form new partnerships that can address critical challenges in the European cyber world. 

Luigi Rebuffi, ECSO’s Secretary General, will be joined by Eugenio Giani, President of the Tuscany Region, Stefano Ciuoffo, Assessore of the Tuscany Region, Gianluca Galasso, Head of Operations Services and CSIRT Italia at the Italian Cyber Security Agency, for an institutional welcome and later by Luca Nicoletti, executive at the Italian Cyber Security Agency and Gianluca Vannuccini, for a meeting with Italian and Regional CISOs, among others. Not only will this moment serve as an opportunity to acknowledge the valued attendees, but also as a reminder of the importance of building a European CISO Community. 

“Today we bring together some of Europe’s most influential executives in defining cybersecurity needs and implementing solutions for their company. Their contribution is fundamental for the resilience of our society and economy, as we find ourselves in one of the most critical times in history regarding cybersecurity for Europe. This year’s edition is not just a mere meeting between CISOs, but also a testimony of our commitment to come forward and discuss solutions to the most pressing challenges together with innovators and main vendors in the sector. ECSO is proud to provide such a platform on a yearly basis, thanks to our trusted members and partners. They represent the backbone of our organisation, and we will keep on catalysing their expertise to build a better and more secure digital future.” Said Luigi Rebuffi, ECSO’s Secretary General.

ECSO’s Annual CISO Meetup has come to realisation, once again this year, thanks to valued sponsors: AccentureaizoOnBforeAiCanaryBit,  CDeX Cloud, Citalid, cosmian,CyberGuru, EY, Deloitte,EGERIE, Hoxhunt, ISC2, KnowBe4, KovrrplanckSecurity, PwC, Red Sift, redShift, Replysecunet Security Networks, SoSafe, Tinexta, and  YesWeHack . These cybersecurity partners have come together to support ECSO’s mission through providing their unique expertise on the complexities of the European cybersecurity landscape. Besides panel discussions on multiple topics such as cyber resilience, skills, the supply chain, investments and the NIS2 Directive, the presence of the sponsors offers the opportunity for deep-dive into existing European cutting-edge solutions on the market.

As a trusted and privileged partner of the European Commission in developing the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem, ECSO has the first and only cross-sector and cross-country CISO Community: ECSO’s CISO Community. With more than 380 cyber security leaders as members, this forum allows for exchange of information, sharing of good practices, and threat intelligence. 
ECSO is now confident that for the next two days, Florence will be a stronghold for dynamic and high-level cybersecurity discussions amongst CISOs, thus not only enriching the European CISO Community itself but also marking a difference for the future of Europe’s security.

Download the Press Release pdf here.

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