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On 26 September 2023, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) hosted its second virtual discussion as part of its “Decoding European Cybersecurity Market Trends” initiative. This initiative aims to provide ECSO Members with easy access to market data and intelligence. During the meeting, ECSO’s latest European Cybermarket Reports were presented, and guest experts from Clavister and Auriga Partners shared their market expertise. The session served as a platform for valuable discussion and information-exchange, supporting ECSO Members in staying informed and well-equipped and updated on the dynamic European cybersecurity landscape.

ECSO organised the second virtual discussion in its “Decoding European Cybersecurity Market Trends” initiative on 26 September. Having launched this initiative to empower ECSO Members to not only understand but also conduct their own analyses of the local cybersecurity market, this session functioned as a platform in which Members could come together with market experts to explore and discuss the latest activities and trends in the cybersecurity market.

In pursuit of these goals, the webinar featured a presentation of the latest ECSO’s European Cybermarket Reports, providing an overview of the cybersecurity-related funding, M&As, and new investment funds that were closed in the past three months in the European market.

Besides ECSO’s reports, the session featured expert guest speakers Neena Sharma (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Clavister) and William Lecat (Investment Director, Auriga Partners) who shared their invaluable insights with the attendees. While Neena Sharma joined to give a preview presentation of Clavister’s upcoming cybersecurity market survey in Germany and Sweden, Mr Lecat provided a keynote speech on the market. Using his expertise and experience gained from working at Auriga Partners, Lecat pointed out emerging trends while also emphasising the importance of having a unified European market.

The virtual conversation came to a close with an open discussion where participants could share their perspectives and present questions. The attendees’ enthusiastic interest in the subject served as a testament to the dire need for opportunities to connect and navigate the market as a community. As such, the session successfully reflected ECSO’s larger mission of supporting its Members in staying informed and well-equipped in the dynamic European cybersecurity landscape and therefore playing a crucial part in the bigger picture of strengthening the European cybersecurity market and Europe’s digital autonomy.

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