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Under the Spotlight: Meet the selected start-ups for the next Cyber Investor Days!

The newest edition of ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days will take place in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 5 October 2023. European cybersecurity start-ups will pitch their companies directly to key investors, integrators and corporates. From numerous applications across Europe, 11 skilled cybersecurity start-ups have been selected for this opportunity. A European Jury, composed of experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment, will assess the pitches and select the two most promising ones for the ECSO STARtup Award final competition in early 2024. This event underscores ECSO’s dedication to promoting European cybersecurity start-ups, offering financial opportunities and strengthening the European cybersecurity market.

On 5 October, in collaboration with the Women4Cyber Foundation, the Municipality of The Hague, KPN Ventures, TIIN Capital, InnovationQuarter, and Security Delta (HSD), ECSO welcomes all interested parties to The Hague for the newest edition of ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days. At this event, European cybersecurity start-ups will have the thrilling opportunity to take the stage and showcase their companies and innovations to potential investors and other important actors in the industry.

After receiving numerous high-quality applications from start-ups across Europe, the following start-ups demonstrated exceptional potential and have been selected to pitch their innovations in The Hague:

  1. Asvin (Germany)
  2. Cardioid (Czech Republic)
  3. CDeX PSA (Poland)
  4. CyberPass (France)
  5. First Strike (Poland)
  6. G360DAO (Netherlands)
  7. Infix (Netherlands)
  8. Inlyse (Germany)
  9. Onespace (Netherlands)
  10. Sagenso (Poland)
  11. Secior (Netherlands)

A Judging Panel composed of innovation, investment and entrepreneurship experts will be present to meticulously evaluate the pitches and select the two start-ups that exhibit the most potential. The top two start-ups will be nominated to go on to the ECSO STARtup Award finals scheduled to take place in early 2024, where they will compete against other start-ups for the renowned ECSO STARtup Award as well as international recognition.

Besides an intense competition between the start-ups, the day will bring intriguing B2B and panel discussions, where investment and market experts will share their experiences and expertise on the most topical cybersecurity issues in Europe today. Attendees can also expect extensive opportunities to meet and network with fellow cybersecurity professionals and experts, consequently developing their network and strengthening their position in the industry.

Overall, the event provides a curated setting for start-ups to exchange information, learn and build bridges with potential business partners. Fostering innovation and growth by providing small European companies with access to finance and networking opportunities, the Cyber Investor Days reflects ECSO’s larger mission and raison d’être of supporting the development and competitiveness of the European cybersecurity market. The dynamic event is therefore a prime platform for attendees to not only make new connections, cultivate personal growth and professional partnerships but also to support the European cybersecurity market. Individuals interested in attending are also welcome to register – for more information, please visit the official event website here.

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