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Read ECSO’s Technical Paper on Distributed Ledger Technologies

Read ECSO’s Technical Paper on Distributed Ledger Technologies

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), including blockchain, are one of the world’s most disruptive technologies, becoming a powerful force and driving innovation across different industry domains. They also hold a promise of enabling new business models which we can still not imagine. Europe, understanding this potential and the wealth of opportunities across EU industries, intends to position itself as a leader in this new generation of the internet Trusted technologies.

In order to take blockchain to its full potential, technological and architectural features, governance, scalability, reliability, interoperability among DLTs, integration with legacy systems, economic changes as well as compliance with EU policies need to be considered.

ECSO’s paper provides an analysis of the selected aspects of the DLTs’ functioning and their application. Topics covered :

  • Introduction to DLTs’ technological aspects
  • DLTs’ role in mitigating selected cybersecurity challenges
  • Analysis of the specific relevance of blockchain across verticals, notably: industries, energy, consumer IoT, Government, Healthcare, and Finance
  • Comprehensive overview of the relevant standardisation activities
  • Implications of EU legislation and regulations for blockchain implementation

Read the full paper.

Photo credits: Reto Scheiwiller, Pixabay

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