Cyberhive EUROPE: Introductory Walkthrough of the Platform

ECSO is delighted to extend an invitation to the wider public for an introductory Demo Event of Cyberhive EUROPE on 8 December 15:00 – 16:00 CET.

Following the success of the last special Demo Event for Members and label holders, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is delighted to extend an invitation to anyone interested in the initiative. Cyberhive EUROPE® will open its virtual doors for a live walkthrough of the platform, greeting ECSO members, non-members, label holders, issuing parties, European CISOs, and cybersecurity vendors.

This live demonstration provides an opportunity for participants to explore the features and functionalities of Cyberhive, gaining insights into how this digital marketplace can elevate their organisations in the realm of cybersecurity.


  1. Introducing Cyberhive EUROPE®
  2. How to access Cyberhive?
  3. Live demo and walkthrough
  4. Cyberhive, boosting your organisation’s recognition
  5. Friends of the Hive
  6. Closing remarks with Q&A

Interested parties are welcome to attend the on-line event by registering HERE. For further inquiries, please contact Tom Bastiaans at tom.bastiaans(at)


ECSO has introduced Cyberhive EUROPE®, a pioneering digital marketplace co-created specifically for the European cybersecurity community, in a game-changing move toward improving the European cybersecurity ecosystem. Cyberhive intends to improve international visibility, enable networking, and create a venue for displaying European-made cybersecurity solutions by addressing the issues faced by European cybersecurity solution providers. 

The initiative, launched globally on 23 November, is a response to the pressing market challenges identified by ECSO, including undervalued international recognition, limited resources for global expansion, fragmented insights, and a lack of networking platforms within the European cyber industry. The primary mission of Cyberhive is to bridge these gaps, empower European cybersecurity providers, and foster a resilient and transparent European cybersecurity market.

Cyberhive EUROPE® intends to enhance the visibility of European cybersecurity solutions on a global scale. The platform facilitates efficient matchmaking among vendors, end-users, and investors, offering European based cybersecurity solution providers a unique opportunity to showcase their products to a broader international audience. End-users and investors, in turn, will gain access to a diverse range of European-made cybersecurity solutions, contributing to increased investments in the European market.

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