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Cyberhive EUROPE: exclusive Demo event

ECSO is pleased to invite its Members to an exclusive Demo Event on Cyberhive EUROPE on 17 November 10:00 – 11.00 CET.

Building on the momentum of the early access release of Cyberhive on 8 November, this event is designed to provide a comprehensive walk-through of the platform, offering participants an in-depth understanding of its functionalities, and demonstrating the tools that Cyberhive offers to improve market performance.

This exclusive event will guide ECSO Members through the key features of Cyberhive EUROPE®, showcasing how the platform can empower their businesses to grow. By participating in the Demo Event, ECSO Members can gain a first-mover advantage allowing them to experience the benefits of Cyberhive first-hand.

To participate in this demo event, please indicate your interest to Tom Bastiaans at tom.bastiaans(at)


ECSO has introduced Cyberhive EUROPE®, a pioneering digital marketplace co-created specifically for the European cybersecurity community, in a game-changing move toward improving the European cybersecurity ecosystem. Cyberhive intends to improve international visibility, enable networking, and create a venue for displaying European-made cybersecurity solutions by addressing the issues faced by European cybersecurity solution providers.

The initiative, set to launch globally on 23 November, is a response to the pressing market challenges identified by ECSO, including undervalued international recognition, limited resources for global expansion, fragmented insights, and a lack of networking platforms within the European cyber industry. The primary mission of Cyberhive is to bridge these gaps, empower European cybersecurity providers, and foster a resilient and transparent European cybersecurity market.

Cyberhive EUROPE® intends to enhance the visibility of European cybersecurity solutions on a global scale. The platform facilitates efficient matchmaking among vendors, end-users, and investors, offering European based cybersecurity solution providers a unique opportunity to showcase their products to a broader international audience. End-users and investors, in turn, will gain access to a diverse range of European-made cybersecurity solutions, contributing to increased investments in the European market.

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From: 17-11-2023
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