An image of five people, including ECSO's Joanna, at Enterprise Ireland's Cyber Discussion.

ECSO strengthens cooperation at Enterprise Ireland’s Cyber Discussion

ECSO strengthens cooperation at Enterprise Ireland’s Cyber Discussion

On the 16th June 2022, ECSO’s Chief Operating Officer Dr. Joanna Świątkowska discussed EU’s current cyber threat level with the Irish Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Robert Troy among others. The meeting took place at The Hague’s Security Delta (HSD) campus in the Netherlands and was an occasion for ECSO to present its work on building cybersecurity communities in Europe.

From the current European cyber threat level to the new NIS 2 Directive, Dr. Świątkowska explained how the Directive came about and which aspects were taken into consideration to avoid the deficiencies of the previous NIS Directive. “The main purpose of the NIS2 is to further strengthen the security requirements for critical entities in EU Member States, reinforce the cybersecurity aspect of supply chains and streamline reporting requirements. With the broader scope, NIS2 will require more entities and sectors to enhance their security posture. Finally, the Directive aims to also address the problem of the fragmented implementation of the security measures introduced by the NIS1 Directive.”, she explains.

Continuing from policy to markets, Dr. Świątkowska then provided an overview of ECSO’ work focused on empowering cybersecurity communities across the EU and shaping the European cybersecurity ecosystem and market. “In terms of boosting the European cybersecurity market, ECSO’s activities are oriented towards increasing visibility to European cybersecurity solutions, gaining access to investments, and sharing current trends as well as market knowledge. Some of our key initiatives connected to our missions are, among others, the European Cybersecurity Investment Platform (ECIP), the Cybersecurity Market Radar and the Cyber investors Days. Ireland is also at the centre of our activities these days, as our Team is preparing the Cyber Investor Days taking place in Dublin on the 27th and 28th June, and hosted by ECSO Member Cyber Ireland together with our Irish partner Enterprise Ireland. This is the perfect example showing our strong ties with Irish cybersecurity partners.”, says Joanna Świątkowska. “One additional ECSO initiative pushing forward European cybersecurity companies is the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label, to raises awareness of the strategic value of such businesses originating in Europe”, she concludes.

Enterprise Ireland’s Cyber Discussion also included the CEO of Blaud B.V. Thierry Lammers; Market Advisor for IoT, Telco and Cyber Security at Enterprise Ireland Benelux Stephen Keogh; and the Director of Security Delta (HSD) Joris den Bruinen.

Additionally, the day gave ECSO’s Chief Operating Officer the possibility to connect with Irish innovation, and to present different possibilities for Irish entities to join ECSO’s activities.

Joining ECSO offers cybersecurity players the opportunity to be part of a strong European community, working to make Europe cyber competitive, resilient and sustainable. Any legal Entity established in a EU Member State, an EEA / EFTA country, an H2020-associated country, or a public body from an ECSO Country can join ECSO. Find out more here.

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