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A strong European network of regions to promote cross-border collaboration, expertise and services on digital transformation, especially for stakeholders with limited knowledge of cybersecurity. 

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What is a EDIH?

A EDIH is a single entity or a coordinated group of entities with complementary expertise and a non-for-profit objective to support at large scale, the digital transformation of SMEs and small mid-caps,  as well as public administrations. Among the various activities performed are:

  • Testing before investing
  • Training and skills development
  • Support to find investments
  • Networking
  • Access to innovation ecosystems

Benefits of joining the EDIH community

Whether you are a EDIH with knowledge on cybersecurity, or you simply focus on other areas of digital transformation, you can benefit from a wealth of benefits and opportunities by joining this community. 

For EDIHs specialised in cybersecurity

  • Gain visibility at a European level
  • Support the achievements of the EDIH’s objectives
  • Stay informed about good practices, expertise and knowledge from other EDIHs

For EDIHs non-specialised in cybersecurity

  • Improve the EDIH’s cybersecurity expertise.
  • Access to a network of cybersecurity and European experts.
  • Exchange of services from different digital fields.

For SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups, public administrations or other

  • Quick access to cybersecurity and European experts
  • Easiness to scale at a European level

Additional resources

Interreg Europe CYBER

Is a 5-years long interregional cooperation project, based on the exchange of good practices among 7 European regions from different EU Member States and aiming to boost the competitiveness of cybersecurity SMEs by developing and implementing efficient policy actions.

Smart Specialisation Platform

Also known as “Cyber Valleys program” is the integrated acceleration program offering scale-ups the support they need to grow faster. It brings together the key players of the quadruple helix including corporates, investors, academics, and innovators to leverage on regional strengths, maximise the commercial potential of great cyber solutions, minimise the barriers to scale and increase speed to market.

Smart Specialisation Platform

Is a joint tool that has been designed and implemented to visualise and analyse the cybersecurity value chain and to map the existing regional ecosystems within the five regions: Brittany, Castilla y Leon, Luxembourg, North-Rhine Westphalia, Estonia. It counts 520 companies and over 1500 products and services. 

Initiative Administration

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Francisco Andrade E. Silva

Junior European Cybersecurity Community Development Manager


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