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Understanding European Cybersecurity HR Recruitment Processes

A collaboration between ECSO and the European Cybersecurity Competence Network Pilot projects

This paper provides the key findings and results from the analysis around understanding how cybersecurity recruitment and overall HR processes and motivations work in Europe, based on survey responses received over the course of two months (April-May 2021). This analysis on Understanding European Cybersecurity HR Recruitment Processes in Europe is a collaboration between the Working Group (WG5) for human factors & competence building at ECSO and the Cybersecurity Competence Network.

Thanks to its large membership network from across Europe, which includes national and regional public administrations, large companies, SMEs, research centres/academia, associations and users/operators, ECSO is in a unique position to cover the various aspects of cybersecurity R&I and industrial policy with the intention of building a comprehensive approach for strengthening the cybersecurity ecosystem in Europe. This includes various activities on education, training, skills and awareness in its WG5, where a dedicated Task Force has also been set up to help address the cybersecurity skills gap. European Human Resources for Cyber (EHR4CYBER) aims to create awareness among decision makers (private companies, regional / local administrations, national / EU administrations) about the need to develop education, training and recruitment measures, which will address the demand in the cybersecurity field. EHR4CYBER therefore focuses on activities related, but not limited to, working on a common benchmarking system in cybersecurity recruitment, fostering collaboration through the exchange of best practices, looking into the harmonisation of education and training procedures across Europe, as well as supporting the recruitment process of cybersecurity specialists.

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