Safe and sound: How will Europe’s cybersecurity agenda influence R&I?

Join ECSO on the 26th of April

ECSO is delighted to participate in the roundtable “Safe and sound: How will Europe’s cybersecurity agenda influence R&I?” taking place on the 26th of April.

It is clear that our physical and virtual worlds are becoming more deeply intertwined, and at an incredible pace. With the advent of 5G technology, the Internet of Things, social media, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies and more, our societies and economies increasingly rest on digital foundations, as underlined so starkly by the global pandemic. Yet this implies huge disruption if these are weakened or eroded – according to some estimates, the annual costs of cybercrime could surpass $10 trillion worldwide by 2025. And as evidenced in recent years, some nations seek geopolitical advantage by doing precisely that, whether through electoral interference, intellectual property theft or other avenues.

Against this backdrop, the European Commission has unsurprisingly identified cybersecurity as a key area for future research and innovation (R&I) funding and policy attention. From the creation of a new European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, to major investments under the Horizon and Digital Europe programmes, the push is on for the Commission and member states to harness industrial strategy and a dynamic R&D ecosystem to improve Europe’s resilience, competitiveness and technological autonomy.

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