Privacy Symposium 2022

Discover the different activities planned for the Privacy Symposium 2022!

5-7 April 2022

ECSO is proud to join the 2022 Privacy Symposium as an official partner. 

The early bird registration for the first edition of the Privacy Symposium is now extended until the 20th February 2022!

Reserve now and join us in a multi-disciplinary dialogue on data protection, compliance and emerging technologies.

The Privacy Symposium is not just a venue for knowledge-sharing but rather aims to be the start of a constant international dialogue that brings together privacy and cybersecurity professionals, authorities, researchers and the tech industry to discuss the latest and upcoming developments on data protection compliance.

The conference will organise dedicated sessions for cybersecurity professionals and lawyers to listen to good practices from supervisory authorities, discover the latest research results in Europe and the US as well as attend dedicated sessions for practitioners like data breaches and cross-border data transfers in practice. It will enable you to realise the upcoming challenges (e.g Quantum internet, edge computing, law enforcement) and the increasingly relevant role of data protection certification.

Besides the sessions, networking events will be held during the conference including an informal meetup on Monday 4th April 2022. Privacy Symposium attendees can now register for free at 

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