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ECSO works to support start-ups and SMEs interpret European cybersecurity legislation

ECSO is taking on a new endeavour to organise information-sharing webinars known as “SME Policy Briefs” on the latest European cybersecurity legislation to its Members, especially start-ups and SMEs. With the European cybersecurity regulatory landscape constantly evolving, the aim of these virtual discussions is to help Members not only gain an in-depth understanding of new regulations but also adapt to the changes that come with them. The first two discussions will address the Cyber Resilience Act and the Cyber Solidarity Act on 14 and 27 September 2023, respectively.

For the European cybersecurity ecosystem to be able to keep up with- and adapt to the ever-changing reality that is the European regulatory landscape, it is imperative that information on changing legislation is accessible. Unfortunately, start-ups and SMEs with limited resources may struggle to find reliable and updated information on upcoming regulations and their effects.

ECSO’s new project aims to address this problem by providing online webinars on selected EU policies that have a telling impact on European start-ups and SMEs. In these webinars, the ECSO Policy Task Force will showcase an analysis of the EU policies, occasionally complemented by the insights and expertise of esteemed guest speakers, finishing up with an open discussion that allows Members to share their own insights and leverage the wisdom of the community.

To kick off this series, ECSO organises the first two online sessions in September. The very first webinar will be organised on 14 September 2023 14:00-15:00, focusing on the Cyber Resilience Act. The second session of the series, on the other hand, will focus on the Cyber Solidarity Act, taking place on 27 September 2023 14:00-15:00. Both sessions will go into detail on the policies, shedding light on the legislative processes and their expected outcomes.

Organised on a regular basis, depending on the developments in the legislative arena and the needs of the community, these virtual meetings provide a platform for ECSO Members – start-ups, SMEs as well as other interested Members – to remain on top of the latest news on European cybersecurity legislation and begin seeing regulations not as stumbling blocks or burdens, but as opportunities.

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