Position paper: cyber resilience act

ECSO’s updated position paper on the CRA

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), representing the backbone of the European cybersecurity ecosystem, welcomes the ambitious proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). In this peculiar moment when the European Union is facing significant strategic cyberattacks by state and non-state actors threatening public and private systems, ECSO’s Members are proud to contribute to the digital security of EU citizens, companies, and infrastructures. ECSO supports the work done over the years by the European Union to secure the European Digital Single Market with legislations and investments, and continues to advocate for more European Strategic Autonomy and Cyber Resilience. 

ECSO has consulted with its diverse members’ base on the CRA and came forward with the following position paper. ECSO Members welcome the proposal of the CRA and support its objective; at the same time, they provide suggestions to the co-legislators to ensure that its implementation would not impose unnecessary burden to the European industry while keeping all its benefits for the users of products with digital elements

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