Towards a European CISO community: meet new elected Chairperson for the WG3 CISO Network, Antonio Fernandes

An interview with Antonio Fernandes

Through its Working Group 3 on Cyber Resilience of Economy, Infrastructure & Services, ECSO works with its Members to bring together CISOs across Europe to overcome current issues present in the cybersecurity sector. Now, this Working Group has elected two new Chairs for the European CISO Community, who will lead this mission and build a safe and trusted environments for CISOs to operate within. Meet Antonio Fernandes (Finsa), who brings experience from the manufacturing sector.

You have been elected new Chair of ECSO’s CISO European Community (CEC). What will you be concentrating on? What is your goal/strategy as new chair?

This appointment has been a great honour and responsibility, and I will do my best to carry out the line of work that ECSO’s Working Group 3 has planned.
I have always considered that a collaborative environment is essential in many areas, but especially important in what concerns us, cybersecurity.

Public-Private collaboration and collaboration among peers who hold the role of CISO is essential to stand against the threats we fight with every day, such as the ransomware plague.

Through the sharing of experiences, ideas and IoCs, we will have an opportunity to stand up to them.

How important is it to involve CISOs working in the manufacturing sector?

Although cybersecurity is transversal to all businesses and environments, I consider that in any vertical in which the OT world is present, it takes on special relevance.

The fact that CISOs from different sectors are in contact is an important point to build trust and strengthen our position against the different possible threats that affect us.

What do you think would be the advantage of having a European CISO community?

Collaboration will make us stronger. And even more so in these moments of uncertainty with the geopolitical situation, we must be an example and move forward together to first protect our companies, our businesses and, therefore, Europe and its citizens.

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