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ECSO’s webinar on demystifying the CISO role facilitates crucial conversations among HR professionals and CISOs

On 12 July, ECSO organised the second webinar of its exchange series between HR professionals and CISOs dedicated to the role of CISOs and facilitating networking and collaboration. This webinar, titled “Demystify the CISO role: CISOs and HR managers combining forces”, aimed to provide members of the European HR Community with a better understanding of…

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Growing the Cybersecurity Workforce with the European HR Community

Today, on the 29th March, ECSO’s Head of Applications & Human Factors, Nina Olesen, delivered a keynote speech at the conference on “Women in Cyber Security - Trends, Opportunities and Current Challenges” organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the ICT Association of Slovenia and the Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia. The keynote…

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