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ECSO Supports SMEs in Interpreting the Cyber Solidarity Act 

On 27 September, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) hosted its second “SME Policy Briefs” webinar, aiming to inform Member start-ups and SMEs of the Cyber Solidarity Act and its implications. The session provided an overview of the legislation, providing key information and highlighting how SMEs can use the legislation to their advantage and leverage…

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ECSO works to support start-ups and SMEs interpret European cybersecurity legislation

ECSO is taking on a new endeavour to organise information-sharing webinars known as “SME Policy Briefs” on the latest European cybersecurity legislation to its Members, especially start-ups and SMEs. With the European cybersecurity regulatory landscape constantly evolving, the aim of these virtual discussions is to help Members not only gain an in-depth understanding of new…

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