Read the Council’s new conclusions on EU’s cybersecurity posture

Read the Council’s new conclusions on EU’s cybersecurity posture

On 23rd May 2022, the Council approved conclusions on developing the European Union’s cyber posture. The posture aims to demonstrate the EU’s determination to provide immediate and long-term responses to threat actors seeking to deny the EU a secure and open access to cyberspace and affect its strategic interests, including the security of its partners.

In the conclusions the Council highlights the five functions of the EU in the cyber domain:

1. strengthen resilience and capacities to protect;

2. enhance solidarity and comprehensive crisis management;

3. promote the EU’s vision of cyberspace;

4. enhance cooperation with partner countries and international organisations;

5. preventdefend against and respond to cyber-attacks.

The Council further supports the creation of more trusted cybersecurity service providers and calls for the Cyber Resilience Act to be published soon.

This posture is an important step towards EU Digital Sovereignty and Strategic Autonomy, which are also some of ECSO’s key topics.

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Source: Council

Photo credits: Pete Linforth, Pixabay 

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