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More than 150 B2B meetings took place at the ECSO Cyber Investor Day in Madrid

With the support of INCIBE and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

ECSO held the 5th edition of its cybersecurity business matchmaking events across Europe, providing a forum for the European cybersecurity startups and investors to discuss strategic investments in cyber technologies.

On 14 May 2019, the Cyber Investor Day took place in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid edition was organised in partnership with the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). The event gathered around 100 participants from different European countries, including France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, and Estonia. 21 pre-selected European cyber security startups and 40 investors participated at the cyber  security business match-makings.

A full-day event started with the opening remarks ,followed by the two startups pitch sessions and business-to-business  meetings between  the  startups and  the investors.In  total, more than 150 business-to-business meetings were held.The Cyber Investor Day represents ECSO’s ambition to launch a European cyber  security industry roadshow,  which  would  significantly  help to  promote the European  cybersecurity  technology  and expertise.

Since 2017, ECSO has organised successful cyber security business matchmaking events in Tallinn, Paris, Milan, Berlin and now Madrid, gathering around 200 innovative companies, significantly contributing to the European cyber security ecosystem. ECSO cyber security business matchmaking events are designed to support companies positioned on the entire cyber security value chain and to cover the different investment phases, ranging from seeding to strategic investments, to mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

“With every edition, the  interest in our  cyber security Business Matchmaking events is growing. This clearly demonstrates that  there  is  still  a  lot  to  be  donefor  the  European  cyber  security  ecosystem. Providing visibility and investment opportunities to the European startups is essential as they are the ones providing  Europe  with  the  innovative  cyber  security solutions’ –said Luigi  Rebuffi,  Secretary General of ECSO.

‘From INCIBE and the Government of Spain, we continue supporting a strong European cybersecurity industry, collaborating with main international players around common goal and removing bottlenecks to tackle main cybersecurity business challenges. Some examples of such cooperation include scale-up  efforts  in  the  cybersecurity  value chain  to  enable  developing  outside  of  local  markets  and  get  a European  dimension, with  exposure to  larger  business opportunities and financing resources’ –said Alberto Hernández, CEO of INCIBE.

The next edition of the ECSO Cybersecurity Business Matchmaking event will be held on 15 October 2019 in Luxembourg

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