The ECSO Days 2024


About the Event

Join us for the inaugural ECSO Days 2024 – a unique and engaging event designed to bring together Europe’s foremost cybersecurity experts, innovators, and newly elected decision-makers.

On 17-18 October, gather at the Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place for an event that promises to be different from the usual conferences. Expect dynamic sessions, interactive discussions, and enriching networking opportunities that showcase all the benefits of being part of the ECSO community.

Over two action-packed days, ECSO Days will unite our Community to explore the latest in cybersecurity through fresh and innovative formats. This is more than just an event; it represents a pivotal moment for our collective efforts in advancing cybersecurity across Europe. Anticipate engaging demos, thought-provoking talks, hands-on workshops, masterclasses, and inspiring success stories – all designed to highlight the strength and innovation within our Community.

You will engage directly with fellow Members, leading CISOs and newly elected European decision-makers, and have the opportunity to pose questions about current trends and technologies in open Q&A sessions in an intimate setting. At ECSO, we strive to provide a platform for our Community to convene, discussing cybersecurity challenges and collaboratively defining priorities and solutions for Europe’s future.

The ECSO days 2024 will enable you to explore all the initiatives that ECSO drives and the crucial work it undertakes within the European cybersecurity community to enhance European cybersecurity resilience.

Join us on 17 – 18 October and contribute your voice to the European cybersecurity ecosystem!

Event Highlights

Over two exciting days, the ECSO Days will feature stimulating topics presented in innovative formats, making for an engaging and memorable experience. Here’s what you can look forward to:

While the agenda is still under construction, you can expect vivid discussions on the following key highlights:

  • CyberHive and Investments – Buying European
  • Support to SMEs
  • Road2Cyber – Support to Job Seekers & Recruiters
  • CISOs and trusted supply chains – NIS2 & CRA; Information sharing & CTI
  • Technology – AI – Quantum – 6G

At ECSO Days, we are breaking away from the usual panel discussions! Instead, you can expect to explore cybersecurity topics in fresh and innovative ways. Enjoy engaging demos, thought-provoking talks, hands-on workshops, masterclasses, and inspiring success stories. You will have direct interactions with leading CISOs and the opportunity to ask anything you’ve ever wondered about trends & technologies in open Q&A sessions.

High-Level Event

A true highlight of the ECSO Days will be our High-Level Event in the afternoon on 17 October. The aim of the event is to bring together newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), representatives from the European Commission, and other influential figures in the European cybersecurity sector that are currently shaping Europe’s cybersecurity vision for 2030 to meet with the European cybersecurity community and discuss crucial cybersecurity topics. Key discussion points will include:

  • Market Developments & Future Trends
  • Civil-Defence cooperation in cybersecurity and Enhancing cyber Dual-Use capabilities
  • AI – Cybersecurity’s Next Frontier

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity as ECSO Member to shape the future of Europe’s cybersecurity and network with newly elected decision-makers, offering a chance for unmatched collaboration, influence and networking.

Networking Opportunities

The ECSO Days will serve as the foremost gathering for ECSO Members, offering abundant networking opportunities with Europe’s industry leaders, policymakers, and cybersecurity experts. As the only organisation in Europe with an extensive reach and network encompassing all aspects of the European cybersecurity ecosystem, ECSO uniquely gathers these diverse stakeholders in one event. Connect with fellow ECSO Members, industry leaders, and the newly elected decision-makers to collectively influence the future of cybersecurity in Europe. This exclusive event presents a unique opportunity to build on our community bonds and collaboratively shape the cybersecurity landscape across Europe.

Save the Date & Stay Informed!

Registrations will open soon. Do not miss this chance to participate in this game-changing event that will influence the future of cybersecurity in Europe. Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn and X for the latest news.

We look forward to welcoming you at The ECSO Days 2024!

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