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NIS2 Implementation Initiative Webinar

After a successful first webinar of the NIS2 Implementation Initiative last June with more than 270 registrations, ECSO is thrilled to organise a second webinar on 21 September 14:00-15:00.

To facilitate the exchange of best practices among entities directly or indirectly impacted by the NIS2, ECSO has invited an expert speaker Mansur Abilkasimov, Deputy Global CISO & CPSO at Schneider Electric, to share his expertise with the community.

Our distinguished guest will be presenting the NIS2 compliance strategy of Schneider Electric, discussing the current structure of the company in terms of global and European cybersecurity policy monitoring, the readiness of the company’s processes to be compliant with the NIS2 requirements, as well as the critical nature of the national transpositions of NIS2 for a company established in several member states of the EU. Consequently, providing a hands-on approach to all the steps and procedures needed to become compliant with the NIS2.


  • 14:00 – 14:05 CET | Welcoming remarks
  • 14:05 – 14:40 CET | NIS2 implementation in Schneider Electric
  • 14:40 – 15:00 CET | Q&A

This webinar is exclusively for ECSO Members and the CISO Community. To register, please contact Francesco Bordone at francesco.bordone(at) or Sebastijan Cutura at sebastijan.cutura(at)

For more information on ECSO Membership, we invite you to have a look HERE.

Goals of the Initiative

The goal of the Initiative is to facilitate the exchange of best practices among entities directly or indirectly impacted by the NIS2. This involves Operators of Essential & Important Entities, Supervisory Bodies of the Members States and cybersecurity providers that will provide services to tackle regulatory requirements set in the legislation. The initiative will leverage the expertise of the wide Membership Base of ECSO that brings together actors from all European countries and all Sectors, both supply and demand sides of cybersecurity.

Who can participate?

All ECSO Members, the CISO Community, and external members based on invitation are invited to join the Initiative:

  • Essential and Important Entities: gain insights into the best practices and procedures to comply with the NIS2 Directive.
  • Cybersecurity Providers: gather knowledge on the type of services and products required by the entities that will be obliged to implement the technical requirements of the NIS2 Directive.
  • All Entities: as the NIS2 adds a specific focus on supply chain security, NIS2 will also indirectly affect many entities outside of the Directive scope.


The NIS2 Directive will form the basis for cybersecurity risk management measures and reporting obligations in all key sectors covered by the Directive, namely energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructure, health, drinking water, digital infrastructure, public administrations and the space sector, as well as in important sectors such as postal services, waste management, chemicals, food, medical device manufacturing, electronics, machinery, vehicle engines and digital suppliers.

The NIS2 entered into force on 16 January 2023 and now EU Member States have until 18 October 2024 to transpose it into national law. This transposition process means that the NIS2 will be adapted to the national context of each country and small differences might apply.

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