MARK YOUR CALENDAR – 3rd workshop on Cyber Range Technologies and Applications (CACOE)

The Austrian Institute of Technology invites you to their new workshop!

7th September 2021

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology invites you to their third workshop on Cyber Range Technologies and Applications (CACOE) which will be organized in conjunction with IEEE EuroS&P 2021. The workshop will be held on September 7 2021 – as a digital event.

Call For Papers

The Cyber Range Technologies and Applications (CACOE) workshop aims to bring together researchers advancing, developing and maintaining cyber ranges (e.g., cyber-physical labs, clouds and other virtual platforms) supporting cyber security training, tests and exercises. Cyber ranges have emerged as a response to the need of high-fidelity environments for testing, training, exercising capabilities related to cyber security. They are typically based on virtualization technology and are used to set up complex computer networks, simulate events, and observe phenomena in a controlled environment. However, to set up realistic tests, training or exercises in a cyber range is often difficult, expensive and error-prone. It can be seen as system administration on steroids, where a few range engineers are to rapidly build and manage networks of the size that it typically takes a whole IT department to manage. There are many issues related to technical support tools (e.g. deployment of virtual machines) that are yet to be solved and many management issues (e.g. of event data management) that are to be solved. Furthermore, the application of cyber ranges to tests, training, and exercises is relatively new. Methodologies for constructing large events, standards for experiments, and the utility of cyber ranges to different applications is largely unknown.

Aim & Scope

The aim of the workshop is to exchange and discuss technologies and infrastructures required to simulate real systems with cyber incidents (e.g., simulation of benign or malicious users, evaluation frameworks, capability measurement). This includes experiences from using such technologies, e.g. for exercises and tests. The workshop will not focus on product presentations, feature presentations nor marketing of various technical infrastructures for cyber security training and exercises.

AIT invites papers from researchers and practitioners working in security, systems engineering, situational awareness and related areas to submit their original papers to this workshop. Case studies (successful or not) related to cyber ranges are also encouraged.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Design of large-scale exercises
  • Design of experiments
  • Analysis/reviews/tests of tools and components for building large technical infrastructures
  • Automated machine configuration and deployment
  • Event and scenario management
  • Simulation of benign or malicious users
  • Event monitoring and evaluation
  • Data management
  • Event operating environments and scenarios modelling
  • Metrics and maturity levels
  • Measurements of training effects and capabilities
  • Applications to test cyber security properties
  • Human factors in training and exercises
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
  • Security and privacy challenges
  • Simulation of tools and components from various systems (e.g., industrial control systems, cyber-physical systems, legacy systems, etc.

Papers submission deadline is 14th May 2021

For submission instructions please visit the website of the event :

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