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ECCO Community Group Webinar: Security-by-design for SMEs exploiting trusted hardware

The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC), supported by the European Cyber Security Community (ECCO), which is led by ECSO, announces a knowledge-sharing webinar by the Community Group on Human Factors.

This webinar, titled “Security-by-design for SMEs exploiting trusted hardware”, is scheduled for 22 May 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00.

The ECCO project, in collaboration with ECSO and the EU funded projects on Competence Centres, has established a Community Group on Human Factors.

Given the ubiquitous adoption of software-based solutions in several application areas (even in those once based on hardware), it’s becoming increasingly important to guarantee the integrity of the deployed software components and their configuration.

However, software cannot be protected by software, hence a hardware root-of-trust is needed.

To protect the recent versions of Windows, all PC-like platforms must be equipped with a proper root-of-trust, the TPM (Trusted Platform Module), and this component is also available as an add-on for several boards used for IoT and embedded applications.

Nonetheless, most developers ignore the functionality offered by this component and the open-source tools available for its usage in a protection solution.

This session will address all these problems and explain how to use a root-of-trust for software protection with existing tools. Like many design issues this topic touches human factors much more than one may think, as usage of tools for Security-by-design and the respective investments depend on trust and other human factors, especially in small organisations such as SMEs.


The virtual event will be hosted via Webex.  

We invite you to register via the following link:


  • Software integrity verification as an intrinsic protection
  • The root-of-trust problem
  • Available hardware and software to support integrity verification
  • Current possible applications and future evolution

Join us for this informative webinar and empower your organisation with the knowledge to navigate a hardware root-of-trust. 

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