ECCO Community Group on Road-Mapping Webinar: Towards automated compliance to the upcoming EU Cyber-Resilience Act

The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC), supported by the European Cyber Security Community (ECCO), announces its upcoming knowledge-sharing webinar focused on automated compliance to the upcoming EU Cyber-Resilience Act that will take place on 11 March 2024 at 10:00 – 11:00. 

The ECCO project, in collaboration with ECSO and the main coordinators of the four Pilot projects on Competence Centres (UniBwM and TIS for CONCORDIA; RHEA for ECHO; UMU and Goethe Uni for CYBERSEC4EUROPE; CEA, CNR and Fraunhofer for SPARTA), has established a Community Group on Road-Mapping. 

This event is part of a webinar series focused on building a roadmap towards a secure and resilient digital Europe. This first session will tackle the challenges and requirements introduced by the upcoming EU Cyber-Resilience Act (CRA). Ranging from vulnerability and dependency management using SBOMs, encryption of sensitive data or continuous risk assessment, these requirements will shape the way companies will provide services and digital goods in Europe. Seeing that today’s world introduces faster development life-cycles and growlingly complex systems, only automation can help in addressing these requirements.  


The virtual event will be held through Webex. 

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  • Objectives of the ECCO Working Group “Road-Mapping” and Introduction of Webinar Series (5 min) 
  • Overview of the upcoming challenges and requirements of the EU Cyber Resilience Act (15 min) 
  • Presentation of early results working towards automated compliance of the EU CRA (15 min) 
  • Open Q&A and discussion (10 min) 

For more information, visit the ECCC Website here:

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