Cyber Resilience Act Standardisation Request

ECSO strengthens dialogue between the cybersecurity industry and the European Commission with regard to the Cyber Resilience Act

On 27 September, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) hosted a virtual session with its Members and the European Commission, to present the latest information about- and to discuss the potential challenges that come with the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) for the industry. The event promoted cooperation and dialogue in the policy preparation process, gathering a large audience for productive discussions. This highlights the importance of a trusted and inclusive platform for direct and constructive dialogues between the European cybersecurity industry and the European Commission.

ECSO’s aim with hosting the virtual discussion on 27 September, was to not only provide the latest information on the legislation but also provide a platform in which questions and concerns about potential challenges could be addressed. With invited guest experts from the European Commission, the meeting presented ECSO Members with the exclusive opportunity to get in direct contact with European decision-makers.

Given the immediate relevance of this policy on the industry, with its aim of establishing a minimum level of cybersecurity for all digital devices sold on the European internal market, the session was warmly welcomed by all stakeholders, attracting a high number of participants and many fruitful conversations. The discussion focused mainly on practical and technical aspects with a focus on the standardisation request that is now in draft. Particularly prevalent was the notion of risk, and how the legislation will impact specific products and verticals.

The virtual meeting took place as a result of ongoing collaboration between ECSO and the European Commission to prepare for the implementation of the CRA. By providing a platform in which the industry and the Commission could come together and have a transparent discussion on the concrete effects of legislative decisions, ECSO aims to support dialogue between the two parties in order to move forward with this important legislation in the most optimal way.

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