ECSO selected as a Member of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG)

Advising the European Commission and ENISA on issues concerning cybersecurity certification,

29 May 2020, Brussels – Yesterday, ECSO was selected by the European Commission as Member of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG). ECSO welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the activities and role of the SCCG to help overcome the current fragmentation of the European market, by supporting actions towards a harmonised European Cybersecurity Certification Framework model.

The Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group has been launched under the Cybersecurity Act and will help the European Commission and ENISA to facilitate consultations with relevant stakeholders. To do so, the group will have several functions, including (a) advising the Commission on strategic issues concerning the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework; (b) advising ENISA on general and strategic matters concerning its tasks in cybersecurity certification, market & standardisation; (c) assisting the Commission in preparing the Union Rolling Work Programme to identify strategic priorities for future European Cybersecurity Certification schemes.

ECSO has already contributed to the Cybersecurity Act with a Meta-scheme for the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework, which has been taken into consideration by the European Commission and the Council’s Horizontal Working Party on cyber issues. ECSO considers standardisation and certification as important areas to develop a European industrial strategy. One of the main objectives of ECSO is to establish trusted supply chains at European level, also via international cooperation, and reduce the (technical and business) impact of cybersecurity attacks to improve resilience for the increasing digitalisation of society and industrial sectors.

ECSO is committed to further working on key aspects in this regard, including its State-of-the-Art Syllabus (SOTA) and Composition Approach, which aim to help reduce the time to market by providing guidelines to re-use evidence in future certification schemes. With this and its new role as Member of the SCCG, ECSO looks forward to continuing to contribute to the harmonisation of cybersecurity in Europe and supporting the roll-out of the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework and its priorities.

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About ECSO

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) ASBL, established in June 2016, is the privileged partner of the European Commission in implementing the contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP) on cybersecurity. ECSO unites a variety of European cybersecurity stakeholders, including large companies, Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), SMEs, end-users, operators, research centres, universities, clusters and associations, as well as the local, regional and national administrations across the European Union (EU) Member States, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and H2020 Programme associated countries.

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