ECSO participates in the ICT Standardisation Multi-Stakeholder Platform and ICT Standardisation Rolling Plan

ECSO joins EC’s advisory expert group on European ICT standardisation.

The European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT standardisation was set up following a European Commission decision to advise on matters related to the implementation of ICT standardisation policies. It deals with:

  • potential future ICT standardisation needs in support of European legislation, policies and public procurement;
  • technical specifications for public procurements, developed by global ICT standards-developing organisations;
  • cooperation between ICT standards-setting organisations;
  • the Rolling Plan, which provides a multi-annual overview of the needs for preliminary or complementary ICT standardisation activities in support of the EU policy activities.

The Multi-Stakeholder Platform is composed of representatives of national authorities from EU Member States & EFTA countries, European and international ICT standardisation bodies, and stakeholder organisations that represent industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers, such as ECSO.
It is co-chaired by the European Commission DG Growth and Connect and meets 4 times a year.

More about the Rolling Plan, drafted in 2021 by the EC available here .

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