ECSO held it’s 2nd general assembly

The European PPP on cybersecurity is growing

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) held its 11th Board of Directors meeting expanding its Membership base. The day continued with the Association’s 2nd General Assembly to elect new Members to its governing bodies.

ECSO is proud to welcome 8 new cybersecurity organizations as new Members of the Association

The 11th Board of Directors of ECSO was promptly followed by the Association’s 2nd Annual General Assembly during which new Members to the Board of Directors of ECSO and new representatives to the ECSO-cPPP Partnership Board were appointed.

The new Members of ECSO governing bodies are international cybersecurity experts originating from both private and public sectors across Europe.

ECSO currently unites 239 Members from 28 European countries. Its strength lies in its ability to provide a space for a stimulating discussion on cybersecurity challenges and to enable pan-European dialogue between different sectors, ranging from cyber industry to research centers and universities, to governmental bodies.

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