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ECSO contributes to stronger European cybersecurity sovereignty and autonomy in public private cooperation

ECSO contributes to stronger European cybersecurity sovereignty and autonomy

The definitions of Autonomy and Sovereignty vary according to the interlocutors and countries as they have different interests, needs and understanding of the concepts. In this publication, ECSO proposes a methodology considering diverse points of view, allowing to identify such priorities, starting from the identification of strategic digital issues and then moving to the examination of cybersecurity challenges pertaining to them and the needed strategic solutions.

As result of this prioritisation approach, ECSO recognises how important certain issues are in the short term (e.g., infrastructure and data protection, secure ID, implementation of the NIS2 Directive, trusted cloud services, development of trusted supply chains, etc.) or how important it is to prepare a long term future with the development of strategic technologies (e.g. 6G, quantum computing etc.). The analysis allowed also to recognise how certain topics like IoT, AI, encryption, microprocessors or education and training are and will remain strategic now and in the future. 

This study has identified five main objectives linked to the specific challenges leading us to outlining ten main recommendations that could constitute the basis for a European public – private flagship programme on European CYbersecurity Sovereignty and Autonomy (ECYSA), combining interests of the private sector with those of the public sector.

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