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CyberSec Day 2022

Let’s talk IT to be cyber secure!

In October, we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month and it’s a great opportunity to talk about the current cybersecurity landscape. ECSO is excited to partner with CyberSec Day 2022 gathering top-level security experts, ethical hackers, and government representatives in Sofia on the 26th October 2022 to share their expertise at the brand-new cybersecurity event.

At CyberSec Day 2022 you will be discussing the current state of IT security and methods of data protection. You will have a unique opportunity to tap into the expertise of leading industry experts, cybersecurity officers, government representatives, leaders from all sorts of businesses of key industries, and public administration.

The goal is to share the best practices on IT security, compliance and business continuity, tap into the expertise of IT management leaders, and learn the latest tactics and methods of protection to secure the IT environment. The event wants to assist you in discovering solutions and services that support the successful and secure management of IT networks, and stay tuned with the current trends.

For a full agenda of the event, please visit the website and don’t forget to confirm your attendance to guarantee your spot!

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