Cyber teams from across the globe to compete in 1st International Cybersecurity Challenge

Cyber teams from across the globe to compete in 1st International Cybersecurity Challenge

In partnership with regional and international organisations, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) will host the first International Cybersecurity Challenge, a Cyber World Cup.

Building on the success of the so-called Capture-the-flag competitions (CTFs)’’ ENISA, together with other regional and international organisations, decided to design and host for the first time the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC). With this first ever Cyber World Cup, which comprise a number of different cybersecurity challenges, we are entering a new dimension by moving up to a global scale with regional teams joining from all over the world.

In continuation to the successful organisation of the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC) since 2015 onwards, the International Cybersecurity Challenge comes as the next step to the competition expanding it to an all embracing, multi-national level.

The Agency is delighted to announce that the International Cybersecurity Challenge will take place from 14 June until 17June 2022, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, situated in one of the largest green areas of Athens. The competition was initially announced to take place in December 2021. The ICC will be attended by up to nine international teams consisting of 15 national players between the ages of 18 to 26 years old from across the globe. The teams will test their strength in a series of challenging areas, such as web application and system exploitation, cryptography, reverse engineering, hardware challenges, forensic analysis and attack/defence.

The ICC brand will be associated with the top cybersecurity talents of the world and is expected to become one of the key incubators of cybersecurity entrepreneurship.

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Source and photo credits: ENISA

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