The Legal and Policy Task Force examines EU legislative proposals to support the work of the ECSO as a privileged partner of the European Commission, studying  the potential impact of proposed EU legislation and/or regulations onto members and the European market, prepare recommendations for common ECSO positions and suggest, when needed, future European legislative proposals

Mission & Objectives

The mandate of the Legal and Policy Task Force: 

  • Identify and analyse the potential impact for European cybersecurity stakeholders of ongoing and upcoming European legislative and regulatory proposals;
  • Provide strategic guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors’ communication with European regulatory authorities and lawmakers;
  • Receive, review and recommend proposals to the ECSO Working Groups and Board of Directors on the drafting of the ECSO common position papers and recommendations relative to European legislative and regulatory proposals;
  • Establish regular exchanges of views and discussions with European Institutions, Agencies and bodies around a legislative file or policy topic.

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