ECSO’s contribution to ECSCI’s Virtual workshop is now available

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ECSO’s contribution to ECSCI’s Virtual workshop is now available

ECSI’s virtual workshop, held 24 and 25 June 2020, presented the different approaches on integrated (i.e., cyber and physical) security in seven different industrial sectors, such as finance, healthcare, energy, air transport, communications, industrial plants, gas and water.

ECSO’s expert Roberto Cascella contributed with a presentation titled “Moving towards a trustworthy and resilient European cyber”. “Cyber security is an essential enabling factor for the development and exploitation of digital technologies and innovation and is, therefore, inextricably linked to future prospects for growth, job creation and Europe's response to environmental and societal goals. The significance of cyber security is an ever-growing issue with political, societal and economic implications. The talk discussed the global trends and the challenges for a trustworthy and competitive European cyber security ecosystem and for the creation of secure and resilient infrastructures.”, commented Mr. Cascella.

ECSO and other presentations are available at this link.

Source and photo credits: Habtamu Abie, Davide Ferrario, Ernesto Troiano, John Soldatos, Fabrizio Di Peppo, Aleksandar Jovanović, Ilias Gkotsis, Evangelos Markakis (Eds.)