European Cybersecurity Competence Centre launches its website

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The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) aims to increase Europe’s cybersecurity capacities and competitiveness, working together with a Network of National Coordination Centres (NCCs) to build a strong cybersecurity Community.


The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC), together with the Network of National Coordination Centres (NCCs), is Europe’s new framework to support innovation and industrial policy in cybersecurity. This ecosystem will strengthen the capacities of the cybersecurity technology Community, shield our economy and society from cyberattacks, maintain research excellence and reinforce the competitiveness of EU industry in this field.

The ECCC, which will be located in Bucharest, will develop and implement, with Member States, industry and the cybersecurity technology Community, a common agenda for technology development and for its wide deployment in areas of public interest and in businesses, in particular SMEs. 

The Centre and the Network together will enhance our technological sovereignty through joint investment in strategic cybersecurity projects. 


The Centre and the Network will make strategic investment decisions and pool resources from the EU, its Member States and, indirectly, the industry to improve and strengthen technology and industrial cybersecurity capacities, enhancing the EU’s open strategic autonomy. The Centre will play a key role in delivering on the ambitious cybersecurity objectives of the Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe programmes.

The Centre together with the Network will support the deployment of innovative cybersecurity solutions. It will also facilitate collaboration and the sharing of expertise and capacities among all relevant stakeholders, in particular research and industrial communities, as well as public authorities, in the Community.

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Source and photo credits: European Union

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