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A visual for ECSO's STARtup Award in Bilbao, Spain, in March 2023.

The ECSO STARtup Award winner announced next Tuesday in Bilbao

Over 200 experts will gather at the European Cyber Security Organisation’s (ECSO) STARtup Award, hosted by Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and the Basque CyberSecurity Centre (BCSC) in Bilbao, Spain. On the 7th and the 8th March, startup CEOs will meet with investors and cybersecurity experts in this two-day event consisting of panel discussions, startup pitches and networking opportunities. The Award ceremony will commence with opening remarks by Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence from the Government of Spain.

The top 11 European cybersecurity start-ups were selected during the 2022 series of ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days. This prestigious recognition from cybersecurity peers aims to raise awareness, visibility and exposure of cutting-edge European cybersecurity start-ups and contribute to a more cyber-resilient Europe. The 11 finalists are:

  1. Brighter AI (Germany) Image & video anonymisation for GDRP compliance.
  2. Vaultree (Ireland) Persistent data encryption, even in the event of a leak.
  3. ANGOKA (UK) Protecting M2M communications for Smart Cities and Mobility.
  4. Resquant (Poland) A crypto-agile design to provide immunity to quantum attacks.
  5. Cryptomage (Poland) Network-based anomaly detection—predictions powered by AI and ML.
  6. Omnios (Spain) ML and DL for multi-data analysis of threat intelligence, incident response and weak signals identification.
  7. Strong Network (Switzerland) Leverages software containers to solve a distributed code development team’s security problems.
  8. Mindflow (France) No-code SaaS to automate their repetitive incident handling.
  9. Exalens (UK) Virtual Security Analyst that notifies incidents caused by cyber threats, system faults, or machine failures.
  10. Cyscale (Romania) Identify and fix your cloud infrastructure misconfigurations to reduce your attack surface.
  11. Alcyconie (France) 24/7 crisis partner. Cyber crisis management as a service

In a final voting procedure, one start-up will be chosen by the European Award Committee Members consisting of European cybersecurity experts, including VCs, CISOs and corporate integrators. The winner receives:

  • A one-year subscription to ECSO’s CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label
  • Mentorship by one of the members of the European Judging Panel
  • International recognition and visibility within the European cybersecurity community

Over two full days, the cybersecurity community will network, hear start-up solutions and pitches exchange ideas and best practices and will join the panel discussions on:

  • Investing more or investing better: how to spark Europe’s cybersecurity market?
  • Cybersecurity regulations versus business success: what drives industry demand?
  • Well-working European cybersecurity industrial policy: A Mission Impossible?

“The ECSO STARtup Award is becoming a European flagship initiative due to its ability to gather major cybersecurity players and give companies international recognition. This plays an important role in business growth and international expansion. This ECSO initiative fosters the European cybersecurity market, gives visibility to European cybersecurity solutions, improves the knowledge of current market trends, and boosts European investments.”

ECSO’s Secretary General, Luigi Rebuffi

“The Basque Country is proud to host an event with which we feel perfectly identified. Cybersecurity, institutional cooperation, digitisation, innovation and entrepreneurship are concepts that accurately define what our ecosystem and our society are like. We strongly believe that the European regions play a key role in the development of the cybersecurity sector, and the Basque Country wants to be at the forefront.”

The Basque Government´s Vice-minister of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Estibaliz Hernáez.

This event has limited places, and only a few slots are left. We invite you to register HERE and to browse the event catalogue, containing the agenda and information about the start-ups and panellists, HERE. Take this opportunity to learn about current European cybersecurity market trends and the latest cybersecurity solutions and meet new stakeholders in the European cybersecurity market.

Welcome to the ECSO STARtup Award in Bilbao!

About the ECSO STARtup Award

ECSO, its members and partners created the Award in 2020 to strengthen cybersecurity investment in Europe and promote the next European cybersecurity champions.

The Award is built around a shared belief that European cybersecurity companies delivering ground-breaking cybersecurity solutions need recognition and investment to scale up and develop. The Award leverages ECSO Cyber Investor Days, the most important cybersecurity business matchmaking event, to source the nominees and discover the most promising European cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs.

The Award consists of a series of local competitions and the final contest. The winners of each regional event become nominated for the final round and are chosen by local juries according to a set list of criteria provided by ECS. The nominees come to the final ceremony to pitch to the European Judging Panel. The Judging Panel deciding the winner of the STARtup Award comprises investors, CISOs, large cybersecurity companies, ECSO representatives and cybersecurity experts from all over Europe.

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