Towards a European CISO community: meet new elected Chairperson for the WG3 CISO Network, Simone Pezzoli

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An interview with Simone Pezzoli

Bringing together CISOs from across Europe to exchange ideas and solve common problems is just one of the goals of the newly elected Chair of ECSO’s Working Group 3 CISO Network, Simone Pezzoli (Haier Europe). Read about his vision for ECSO’s upcoming work with the European community of CISOs based on his experience in the Cybersecurity field.

Simone, you have been elected new chair of ECSO’s CISO European Community (CEC). What will you be concentrating on? What is your goal/strategy as new chair?

I’m honoured and excited to have been elected Chair of the ECSO’s CISO European Community. My vision is to bring together the largest possible number of European CISOs by giving them a platform to exchange thoughts, best practices and dedicated intelligence within a safe environment where everyone can contribute, create solid connections and leverage on a community of trusted cybersecurity professionals.

How important is it to involve CISOs working in the manufacturing sector?

As important as from any other sector, there is no difference in the manufacturing sector. It is essential to create solid relationships between CISOs so that they can discuss common problems, similar initiatives and the relevant technologies that can support them in the day-to-day cybersecurity operations. Exchanging sector specific intelligence, best practices (e.g., Operational Technology) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC) in a safe and trusted environment could be, in my opinion, one of the greatest values that we could get.

What do you think would be the advantage of having a European CISO community?

As a cybersecurity professional I personally love sharing information, understanding how my peers are managing a specific issue or tackling an incident they recently dealt with. That also involves getting insightful feedback on a specific technology that is working well for a specific organization, and eventually not working for another one. This is the advantage CISOs will get here, a safe place that will enable trusted long-lasting relationships with CISOs across Europe.