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ECSO is a membership based organisation bringing to each of its members a unique opportunity to:

  • INTERACT with legislators and decision makers at EU and national level
  • BE PART OF the organisation federating the European cybersecurity community
  • GROW your business network with other members of the Community
  • BOOST your market visibility
  • GAIN ACCESS to investments and funding opportunities at EU and national levels
  • SHARE information and best practices with your counterparts
  • TAKE THE LEAD in proposing new initiatives and services to build the European cybersecurity Market

Potential members should be:

  • Legal Entity established in an ECSO country (EU Member State or an EEA / EFTA country or an H2020 associated country)
  • A public body from an ECSO Country

Categories of members:

  • Large companies: developing and/or manufacturing cybersecurity solutions / services providers;
  • National and European Organisation / Associations: representing interests at national or European / International level.
  • SMEs; Associations composed only by SME, Start-ups, Incubators, Accelerators.
  • Users / Operators National public administrations or private companies (large or SMEs) directly represented.
  • Regional / Local public administrations; Regional / Local Clusters of public / private Legal Entities with local economic / ecosystem development interests.
  • Public Administrations at national level.
  • Research Centers, Academia / Universities; Associations composed only by Research Centers, Academia or Universities.
  • Others (financing bodies, insurances, consultants, etc.).

Application form

Membership form (download PDF version)
Membership form (download Word version)


Who can become member of ECSO?

All legal entity established in the EU and EEA/EFTA countries as well as the national, regional and/or local public administrations of these countries.

My company is member of a cluster/ Organisation / Association which is member of ECSO. Does this mean my company is also member of ECSO?

No. The membership of the Association you are member of does not provide you direct access to the work of ECSO. You can, however, benefit from the information distributed by your Association and voice your messages onto ECSO through your Association. To directly participate to the Working Groups and contribute to the work you should become member of ECSO.

Can a single person become member of ECSO (consultant, journalist, etc)?

No. Memberships are restricted to legal bodies.

ECSO Members