Introducing the New Master in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence (MCYSD) from ECSO Member SnT

To answer the increasing demand of experts with cyber skills, the University of Luxembourg
opens a new Master in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence that will start in September 2024.

Innovative and interdisciplinary training
This Master offers a unique and broad interdisciplinary training that builds from information and system security, threats and incidents management and analysis, and cyber defence research methods. Taught by leading experts in the field with attention to providing a well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical instruction, the programme prepares students to work in the growing professional fields of cybersecurity and cyber defence and also trains them to pursue a future in research and academia from a doctoral level, following graduation.

According to Prof. Gabriele Lenzini, Study Programme Director, the Master is uniquely positioned to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity experts, operators, lead researchers, and educators, in close alignment with the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework. “Students will deepen their technical skills and knowledge of the business and legislative context of cybersecurity of today and have the opportunity to meet expert leaders and operators,” he explains. “The programme is truly unparalleled in the breadth of
skills and knowledge it offers.”

“We have designed a syllabus that gathers all the strengths of the University of Luxembourg in a single course package,” added Prof. Jun Pang, Deputy Director of the Study Programme. “This makes us confident that the programme will meet the demands of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, and the needs of the country.”

National strategy

The programme has been introduced as part of the recently launched Competence Hub in Research in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence (CyberHub), created by the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence in partnership with the University of Luxembourg. The CyberHub is intended to strengthen and increase Luxembourg’s ability to meet national and international challenges – such as increasingly serious and elaborate cyber threats. Through the CyberHub, the University is supporting the government’s cybersecurity Strategy IV and Cyber Defence Strategy through research, technology transfer, and education. The CyberHub brings together the expertise of the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) to execute on these three areas. The creation of the programme reflects the University of Luxembourg’s commitment to expanding its academic offering in a manner consistent with labour market trends as well
as societal or technological developments.

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