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Have your say on cybersecurity certification in the EU and associated countries

A survey dedicated to SMEs and open until the 10th June

Are you an SME dealing with cybersecurity standardisation? ECSO’s Working Group dealing with “Standardisation, Certification and Supply chain management” would like to hear your opinion on cybersecurity certification for SMEs.

Fill in our survey by the 10th June, and help us better understand the needs and challenges posed by cybersecurity certification in Europe and globally, especially through the views of the SMEs (and other organisations as well).

Click here to take the survey.

This survey is intended to provide insights into the level of understanding of the different SMEs in the cybersecurity community and to point to the greatest issues and stumbling blocks associated with cybersecurity certification.

This survey will take just few minutes. ECSO would be pleased to share the results when the survey and the analysis are complete. Thank you in advance for your kind contribution in making cybersecurity certification easier, more user friendly and less costly (in terms of time and resources) for all!

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