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5G, The Maturity of Technology and Making it your Business Success

A free cybersecurity webinar organised by The North European Cybersecurity Cluster (NECC)

5G will revolutionise digitalisation, expecting to generate a business value of 11.2 trillion euro in the next decade. But is 5G now ready for business? Is it available for the real business applications? Hundreds of serious technology vendors are now developing 5G technology for all types of industrial use cases. Most applications are still the first versions of the kind, and technology is still under a significant development phase. New regulations are up to come, whilst continuous development and testing must be carried out by the end-users.

Is 5G reliable, stable, secured and can it be trusted? How about legislation, is it mature enough? And what about the global trade barriers? Which manufactures can be trusted? These are only a few questions connected to 5G.

Discuss how to choose the best way to engage 5G into business and where the maturity and security of the technology stands for.


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From: 15-12-2021