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CISOs Role in ENISAs Cybersecurity Skills Framework

ECSO launches a series of webinars dedicated to the role of CISOs and how to improve the collaboration between C-suite cybersecurity professionals and HR professionals

The first webinar will take place on 12 June from 11:00 – 12:00 (CET). It will be an advocacy activity aimed towards improving the description of the role of CISOs in ENISA’s European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF). 

This webinar is exclusively for ECSO Members, the European HR Community, ECSO’s CISO Community, and external stakeholders upon invitation.

For more information on ECSO membership, we invite you to look HERE.

During this discussion, CISOs will be able to voice their opinion by providing their input directly in the attached document on the CISO Role as defined in ENISA’s Document. 

As CISOs will lead this first webinar, we welcome members of the HR Community to join as observers. The presence of ENISA and CISOs will provide valuable insights for the HR Community, allowing a deeper understanding of the perspectives of CISOs and better preparation for future meetings with them.

Mark your calendars for 12 July, as we organise a special follow-up webinar focusing on the collaboration between CISOs and HR professionals. The objective is to provide insights and “demystify” the role of CISOs within the HR Community. HR professionals will be invited to contribute directly and prepare questions for the CISOs. Stay tuned for more information on this event and the necessary preparations.

Future webinars will explore a broader range of topics, including the other 11 job roles outlined in ENISA’s framework and strategies to enhance recruitment processes for these roles.

To attend the webinar on 12 June, we invite you to send an e-mail to Nina Olesen at nina.olesen(at) or Arnaud de Vibraye at

About the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework  

 The European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) is a practical tool to support the identification and articulation of tasks, competencies, skills and knowledge associated with the roles of European cybersecurity professionals. 

The ECSF summarises all cybersecurity-related roles into 12 profiles, individually analysed into the details of their corresponding responsibilities, skills, synergies and interdependencies. It provides a common understanding of the relevant roles, competencies, skills and knowledge required, facilitates recognition of cybersecurity skills, and supports the design of cybersecurity-related training programmes. 

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