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ECSO releases a new SURVEY to understand European Cybersecurity HR Recruitment Processes

Your input is valuable for us!

7 May 2021

ECSO, in collaboration with the European Competence Centre Pilot projects (Concordia, CyberSec4Europe, ECHO, and SPARTA) and ENISA, is conducting a survey for a better understanding of the European market, challenges and approaches when it comes to addressing the cybersecurity skills gap challenge. The first step of this analysis is focusing on the HR experiences and practices of recruiting, attracting, and retaining cybersecurity experts and talents, by the collection of relevant European data that so far has not been collected on the market. By supporting the undergoing work, you will enable us to create practical tools and services supporting the HR specialists and cybersecurity talents to find each other better, faster and more efficiently.

Your input is highly valuable for us, besides giving answers to the questions, feel free to comment on how we can make our approach, survey, activities better at the end of the survey.

The main target respondents of this survey are HR specialists and managers in charge of or part of the hiring process in their organisation.

Link to the survey

The new deadline for replying to the survey is 19th May.

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