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ECSO Manifesto 2019

Public-Private Cooperation for Stronger Cybersecurity in Europe

The European Cyber Security Organisation and its European cybersecurity stakeholders community call for a comprehensive Public-Private cooperation on cybersecurity in Europe.

This Manifesto outlines the following 8 objectives we should work collectively to achieve:

  1. Improved resilience for the increased digitalisation of society
  2. Technological, Societal, Economic and Political issues. Different views, one challenge: cyber threats
  3. A comprehensive European cybersecurity strategy and industrial policy supported by a stronger digital education and awareness
  4. EU industry competitiveness driven by European stakeholders supported by targeted investments
  5. Increased European cybersecurity strategic autonomy
  6. Trusted supply chains
  7. From National cooperation to EU approaches: The European Cybersecurity Community
  8. Future EU cybersecurity Organisation and evolution of ECSO in an enhanced Public-Private Cooperation.

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