ECSO launches call for contributions for its Cyber solidarity campaign to support Ukraine

ECSO’s Cyber solidarity campaign to support Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is also taking place on a cybersecurity level (a set of related links published by national agencies and relevant news outlets can be consulted at this link). In this moment of tragic conflict, not only has the European Union come together in a united support to Ukraine, but many European cybersecurity companies have also started mobilising resources and technologies to support the country.

In light of this, the European Cyber Security Organisation acknowledges such support and has decided to launch a Cyber Solidarity Campaign with the aim of collecting services from the cybersecurity industry to support Ukraine in the coming period.

Whether you are an ECSO Member or not, your contribution will be helpful and greatly appreciated. All content will be regularly updated and published for everyone to share, with the hope of reaching those in need of such tools and resources. Based on the quantity and frequency of input we will receive, more documents may be issued for as long as needed.

Contributions can be emailed to the ECSO Team at Please include a text, a hyperlink and a logo.

A first set of resources collected by the cybersecurity community has been released at this link and can be shared by anyone. 

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