ECSO invites organisations in scope of the NIS2 Directive to fill its NIS2 Implementation Survey

Within the scope of ECSO’s NIS2 Implementation Initiative, ECSO is gathering quality inputs from organisations in scope of the directive. The aim of the survey is to capture the main challenges and priorities in the NIS2 Implementation. The results will be published in ECSO’s NIS2 Implementation White Paper, with expected publication in March, and conveyed to the relevant stakeholders including cybersecurity professionals, business leaders, and public administration. Participate to the survey here.

Participation is not only encouraged but integral to the success of the survey. ECSO urges respondents to share the initiative with colleagues impacted by the NIS2 Directive. A substantial volume of diverse inputs is essential to derive meaningful results that effectively communicate the collective message to relevant stakeholders, streamlining implementation efforts for all involved actors.

Key expected outcomes include the identification and prioritisation of key concerns in NIS2 implementation, recognition of disparities or commonalities in implementation strategies across sectors within the NIS2 scope, insights into potential gaps in understanding the NIS2, and facilitation of public discourse around the survey findings, fostering awareness and collaboration.

Background information

The NIS2 Directive, a cornerstone for cybersecurity risk management measures, applies to crucial sectors such as energy, transport, banking, health, and more. Enacted on January 16, 2023, EU Member States have until October 18, 2024, to transpose it into national law. This adaptation process ensures alignment with each country’s national context, allowing for nuanced implementations.

As we collectively navigate this transposition process, active participation in the NIS2 Implementation Survey becomes integral to shaping a secure digital future. ECSO encourages professionals and organizations to contribute their perspectives, playing a crucial role in enhancing cybersecurity practices across diverse sectors.

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