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ECSO decodes European cybersecurity market trends in the opening virtual discussion of a new initiative

On 29 June 2023, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) organised the inaugural virtual discussion for its new initiative, “Decoding European Cybersecurity Market Trends”. This initiative is designed to keep ECSO Members updated on the latest market activity and trends in the European cybersecurity market through monthly reports, quarterly reports, and quarterly virtual discussions. The primary objective is to present market data and intelligence while also providing a forum for ECSO Members to have conversations about market-related topics and contribute to the community with their own knowledge and reports. The opening discussion on 29 June served as an intimate platform for ECSO Members to come together to familiarise themselves with the initiative and gain insights into significant market developments from the previous quarter.

The cybersecurity market is complex because not only is it fast-paced, it is also ever-evolving. As such, the brand-new initiative has been launched by ECSO as a means to provide ECSO Members with easily accessible and dynamic information about the latest market activity. This initiative and its opening meeting thus function as a tool for Members to get a complete picture of the latest market developments without having to work through all the various sources of information by themselves.

In pursuit of these objectives, ECSO has undertaken the commitment of producing quarterly reports offering a comprehensive overview of the entire quarter’s activities on the European cybersecurity market. Additionally, ECSO will issue monthly reports, known as “ECSO’s European Cybermarket Reports”, which will present a detailed account of cybersecurity-related funding, M&As, and new investment funds established during a specific month in the European market. Lastly, to further support its Members in interpreting these reports effectively, ECSO will conduct virtual discussions each quarter, such as the one held on 29 June. These sessions will facilitate the sharing of market data and intelligence by presenting ECSO’s European Cybermarket Reports published in the past quarter and inviting guest speakers or ECSO Members to deliver keynote presentations on the cybersecurity market. This approach ensures that ECSO Members remain well-informed and equipped with valuable insights needed to keep up with the dynamic landscape of the European cybersecurity market.

Consequently, with its first online meeting on 29 June, ECSO inaugurated its new virtual discussion initiative by presenting the investment market data in the second Quarter of 2023 and promoting the cyber market reports published by ECSO Members Axeleo Capital and Tikehau Capital in 2023. In addition to these reports, the webinar featured a keynote presentation from market expert Régis Cazenave, General Manager and International Senior Executive at S2Grupo, who discussed the highlights of Dutch and Spanish cybersecurity markets. Using his expertise and experience gained from working in S2Grupo, Mr Cazenave reviewed the possibilities and drawbacks of both markets whilst also presenting the pros and cons of S2Grupo’s international expansion strategy.

The virtual discussion concluded with an open forum, allowing participants to engage in Q&A and share their perspectives. Most notably, attending Members expressed keen interest in participating as keynote speakers during upcoming meetings, adding to the overall enthusiasm. The webinar marked the beginning of a fruitful series of virtual discussions ahead, with the next virtual meeting scheduled for the latter half of September, coinciding with the end of Q3.

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