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ECSO signs an MoU with Security Delta

Cooperation within Europe in the field of security is becoming increasingly essential. Partly in the context of European independence and recent conflicts and threats. The joint organisation of the ECSO STARtup Award Finals in The Hague is therefore a great opportunity to announce a closer collaboration between ECSO and Security Delta (HSD). As a Dutch security cluster and European cyber security organisations, there are opportunities to mutually reinforce each other nationally, bilaterally and across Europe as a whole.

With this in mind, Luigi Rebuffi (Secretary General and founder ECSO) and Joris Den Bruinen (Director of HSD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the second day of the event, making ECSO and HSD a mutual partner. This means that cooperation is mainly sought in the areas of communication (disseminating activities of European cyber innovations and activities to strengthen the position of Europe and its innovative SMEs), capital (by providing innovators with access to investors and vice versa and jointly look at how European funding in the field of cyber can be optimised) and strengthen the ‘CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE’ Label by investigation whether HSD can become the issuer of this label within the Netherlands.

“Collaboration and partnership are in ECSO’s DNA, so we are glad to work together with the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem. This is an important element in ECSO’s vision to build a strong cybersecurity ecosystem in Europe”, said ECSO Secretary General Luigi Rebuffi. “The signature of the MoU between ECSO and Security Delta (HSD) demonstrates that many more impactful collaborations will come in the future”, he concluded.

“Signing the MoU between ECSO and Security Delta (HSD) will provide additional impact within the cybersecurity sector in Europe. It does not only open doors for Dutch SMEs and start-ups, but also offers opportunities for other European cybersecurity companies to gain a foothold in the Netherlands. By cooperating with each other in Europe, we are closing the gap in a fragmented cybersecurity market and ensuring that we continue to strengthen each other in a sustainable way.”, says Joris den Bruinen (Director of HSD).

Photo credits: Holland Park Media 

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